LogoPlus 1.4 is now available on the App Store

I'm very pleased to announce that LogoPlus 1.4 is now available on the App Store and is available as a free update on your iPhone or iPad.

This new version adds a lot of great new functions to allow you to write programs using more advanced math. The new trigonometric functions in particular should allow you to explore many more fractals, spirals, curves and so on than you every imagined possible on your iPhone or iPad. The WAIT expression opens up new possibilities for basic animation or delayed drawing to better demonstrate how the drawings are made. Complete documentation for all new (and existing) functions and expressions is available inside of LogoPlus by touching the (i) button.

Thanks again for everyone's continued support!

+ Implemented REPCOUNT expression usable inside of REPEAT to obtain current repeat count
+ Implemented WAIT to allow pauses in program execution
+ Implemented trigonometric functions: sin, sinh, asin, cos, cosh, acos, tan, tanh, atan, exp, sqrt, log, ln
+ Implemented arithmetic functions: floor, ceil, abs
+ Implemented mathematical constants: M_E, M_LOG2E, M_LOG10E, M_LN2, M_LN10, M_PI, M_PI_2, M_PI_4, M_1_PI, M_2_PI, M_2_SQRTPI, M_SQRT2, M_SQRT1_2
+ Power operator (^) now properly supports non-integer values
- Fixed behavior of HOME
- Fixed issue with automatic whitespace correction
- Fixed rare issue with local variable scope
- Fixed preview display