LogoPlus Release Notes

Version 1.4
+ Implemented REPCOUNT expression usable inside of REPEAT to obtain current repeat count
+ Implemented WAIT to allow pauses in program execution
+ Implemented trigonometric functions: sin, sinh, asin, cos, cosh, acos, tan, tanh, atan, exp, sqrt, log, ln
+ Implemented arithmetic functions: floor, ceil, abs
+ Implemented mathematical constants: M_E, M_LOG2E, M_LOG10E, M_LN2, M_LN10, M_PI, M_PI_2, M_PI_4, M_1_PI, M_2_PI, M_2_SQRTPI, M_SQRT2, M_SQRT1_2
+ Power operator (^) now properly supports non-integer values
- Fixed behavior of HOME
- Fixed issue with automatic whitespace correction
- Fixed rare issue with local variable scope
- Fixed preview display

Version 1.3
+ Optimized for much faster drawing
+ Remove animation settings since speed is no longer an issue
- Resolved a rare issue that could cause no drawing to occur if smooth lines was enabled

Version 1.2
+ User-defined functions and variable names may now include unicode and non-Latin characters
+ Numeric values are parsed appropriately based on your region but will now also fall back to US English to ensure that all samples will run regardless of your preferred language and region format (e.g. 0.9 or 0,9 will both work)
+ Added a Debug button to the Output view which will allow interested users to inspect the internal code flow

Version 1.1
+ Significant speed improvements
+ Full support for high-resolution output on retina displays
+ Improved zooming and panning of graphical output
+ Settings can now be changed from the main screen
+ Added MAKE expression for defining your own variables
+ STOP can now be used inside REPEAT
+ Added support for program comments, using the semicolon
- Fixed an issue that was preventing document preview from updating in some circumstances

Version 1.0
First release