My misunderstanding about App Store reviews

Well, I made a little mistake. I didn't realize that I needed to explicitly check my ITC account periodically to look for reviews. I also didn't realize that each regional store only displays the subset of reviews that were posted from within that region.

I am working to correct this and am currently compiling a potential list of changes and features based on the feedback that various people have been kind enough to provide. I do wish that Apple provided a way for me to contact a specific reviewer to ask for clarification but unfortunately it does not.

I would be interested in hearing more from the person who indicated difficulty using LogoPlus on their nephew's iPod Touch 4th generation - to the best of my knowledge it should work just fine provided that iOS 5.0 is installed. If you happen to to read this, please contact me via this website so I can get a little bit more information and help you.

Thank you again to everyone who has taken the time to post a review or contact me directly with comments and suggestions. I will consider everything and determine where we can go from here.