Development of LogoPlus 1.1 is underway

I figured that rather then just sit around, I could jump straight into making some nice improvements to LogoPlus - things that I had in mind but just couldn't make it into version 1.0.

I started by performing detailed instrumentation to identify key areas of the product that could stand some optimization for better performance.

LogoPlus is now available on the App Store

I received the email from Apple today that I had been eagerly awaiting. LogoPlus has been approved and is now available on the App Store!

LogoPlus is coming to the App Store soon!

It's been a long journey but I finally completed the first release of LogoPlus and have submitted it to Apple for review. I encountered a bit of a delay when I realized that I needed to set up a new website so I could provide appropriate support resources. Thanks to the terrific Drupal software I was able to get my website up and running in less than 24 hours.


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